How It Works

1) Businesses buy memberships to Woodlands Buy Local. Businesses throughout The Woodlands buy year-long memberships to Woodlands Buy Local. With business membership, these Woodlands businesses can set up as many coupons and deals as they wish – all to the benefit of our website and app users like you.

2) Community members find the coupons they wish to use using the search coupon feature in our app. There are listings for businesses across the board, from bakeries, dentist office, brokers, plumbers and car wash, to barber shops, salons, landscape companies, etc… As a community member, you will be part of our email list and will be sent updates about news/events in the area. In addition, community members will also get notified via push notifications when new coupons become available.

3) Go shopping. Visit the business that is offering the coupon.  When you are ready to make your purchase and redeem the coupon, let any person behind the cash register know that you would like to redeem your Woodlands Buy Local coupon.

4) Get the business’ coupon password. The person behind the register will let you know what their special password is. 

5) Apply the coupon. Using our website or app, simply type in the business’ password into the coupon’s password field in the app and click the “APPLY COUPON” button. The business will then apply the coupon’s offering to your purchase.